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Aritzia Inc. is a Canadian women's fashion brand founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, by Brian Hill in 1984. Aritzia operates various upscale retail stores across Canada and the United States. The company went public on October 3, 2016.

Andrea shares her disappointing experience on Influenster, "The clothes at Aritzia are generally nice looking, however, they are incredibly overpriced and their customer service is about the worst I have ever encountered in a supposedly reputable company. You can similar-looking clothes from many other stores for about half the price. The quality is similar to H&M or Zara. For example, I spent $160 on a sweater, and I followed the washing instructions (hand wash in cold water), and it shrunk to the size of a child’s sweater. Aritzia's customer service is absolutely terrible. When I complained about the above sweater, they strung me along for months asking me to send more and more photos before they finally agreed to exchange the item. However by that time, it had sold out after being marked down, so I had to exchange it for a much cheaper item. Also, if you place an online order, be prepared for a really crappy return policy."


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Extremely competitive for a job that wasn’t even commission based. The girls were very catty and would make comments like “that’s my customer” or “that’s my sale” right in front of the client. Management was a joke- Store managers evidently have no role within the store and ours would just wander around refusing to correct the rude behavior from the staff or try to coach the girls who we’re struggling. They base your hours off of numbers so prepare to constantly have sales stolen and watch half the staff cry every other day. It didn’t matter how hard you worked, how fairly you try to play or how much you hustle, if you’re not the managers’ favorite, you’re done. I would have the highest SPH some weeks and my shifts would get shortened or cut with little to no notice or just given to their favorite employee. A third party makes the schedules so managers use that to their advantage when they say “we have no control over the schedule, it’s all performance based”. Even when you’re hired with the specification of a certain amount of hours, they don’t tell you that half the time, you probably won’t get them unless you’re literally running around taking every single customer and being a shark 24/7. They staff judged customers and would call dibs on “MD’s” or mother-daughters because that’s who they were told would typically spend the most. Any customer who didn’t have a designer bag or look rich was automatically ignored or just given a polite smile and nod. There was even clear discrimination within the staff. Management would tell us we were “sustainable” when in reality, the amount of plastic we would unpack was ungodly. I had the highest of hopes to come and work for this company- my dream company- and I was absolutely disgusted with the way the location was ran. Even an employee who had worked at another location had mentioned that this particular location was a joke and a horrible work environment. Truly the worst job I have ever had."

Current Employee - Corporate Recruiter $165, 000 says

"everything else. You have to fight for hours, and there are extremely unrealistic expectations. I was having a bad day one due to to personal reasons and was written up for not smiling enough. RUN FROM THIS PLACE, basically is prison."

Former Employee - Style Advisor says

"Hours are affected on sales. I was part-time which often means at least 20 hours a week.. I was getting tops 6 hours a week (that's unemployment) when the store started doing poorly. Micromanaged A TON - always felt pressure to sell so much and be overly aggressive when approaching and selling to customers in the store. Everything we did was watched and critiqued. I felt as if I could never do anything right. Girls fight over sales (which makes sense because it's basically a fight for hours)."

Former Employee - Style Advisor says

"Micromanaged A TON - always felt pressure to sell so much in so little time. Everything we did was watched and critiqued. Felt as if I could never do anything right. Girls are catty and do not support each other. Very little work/life balance - I felt drained at the end of the week."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"negative management who pick favorites, and don't care about everyone"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"-Management pushes too aggressively for you to meet your sales per hour even though we are not given a commission. -For every customer, you had to know their name, where they are from, what they needed and a neat fact about them. Mind you I worked at a flagship store which means it was two stories and we were right in the middle of San Francisco. So the number of people coming in and out was insane. -Unrealistic expectations: Most of us were going to school and working and they wanted us to work until we couldn't anymore. The only associates that succeeded were people that worked there full time because this was their entire life. If you want a part-time job and you're going to school I would not recommend. I got paid more working at Nordstrom without all the stress. -Very very catty atmosphere -I would constantly hear managers talking about other employees/managers. Just very unprofessional all around. Managers and employees would go out together which would cause problems later on because the line would be blurred."

Current Employee - Stylist says

"I've worked at a few Aritzia locations and have stumbled across the same issues with management at each location. 1) When hired, if you're well spoken chances are they'll encourage an upwards career path to management. However, if you aren't constantly sucking up, the tides will turn and you will no longer be a worthy option for a manager. If you disagree with the managers, your future as a manager will quickly go dark. They also dangle management opportunities to many of the girls that work there despite there not being many slots in management. Obviously they do this to motivate but it's really just BS. 2) Most of the girls are nice but there are definite "mean girls". Personally, I don't have time for cliques when I'm in a work environment but I think it comes with the territory as many of the employees are in their twenties. 3) Favoritism for friends on staff. 4) No work-life balance whatsoever Long shifts that go until 10-10:30 pm at night. If you're new, you will close a lot. 5) Don't even try to call out sick. One of the managers told me "you better be on your deathbed if you ever plan to call out." You always need a doctors note. It's like being in elementary school. Very fun! 6) Managers give "style talks" to new employees to put them in their place. 7) Managers only care about their bottom line/that of the store. If you're a good seller but on a management track, they'll encourage you sell because high profits for the store means a bigger bonus in their pockets at the end of each season. 8) Should I keep going? Career growth is extremely limited. Very hard to work up the ladder past Assistant Manager. 9) Difficult to get raises. Even one dollar. Seriously. Good luck if you try. I'm stopping here because you get the idea...lots of cons. But at least you'll have a killer wardrobe."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"The scheduling here is abysmal."

Current Employee - Store Manager says

"RUN don't walk away. They are relentless to get you, I was stolen from a great job on the pretense of a lot of broken promises. The company culture is flawed and broken. Newsflash: Canadian Business practices do not translate to the US market. The " training" is honestly degrading leaving me to train my new hires my own way which is a plus for them. I can't stress enough that this by far the worst company I have ever been with, if you want to truly further your scope of business and management I DO NOT recommend this company."

Boutique Associate says

"Rude managers, told us we would get lots of experience/hours but were only scheduled a few times, not accurate to job description"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Most of the managers there are very unsupportive and only focuses on “opportunities” and does not encourage the employees at all. They treat them like trash. Some of them are really mean and unprofessional.DiscountVery poor management skills"

Travel Manager (Former Employee) says

"Took first vacation after a year and was greeted back by HR laying me off with no reason given except having to sign a legal agreement to receive severance pay. Director of people experience is a big kiss a** and has im his head up the CEO’s a**.NoneEverything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very competitive environment. The staff are not friendly to each other. Managers are condescending. Making 300 quotas and getting rated for that. Belittling staff with the "reward system" by having staff names on a board, and every time they make quota or exceeded for the day they get a sticker. Clearly showing those who have not achieved goals meaning an invasion of confidential information of staff"

Bag Check (Former Employee) says

"A fast paced environment where you have to walk/run constantly. Never get a break unless you ask for a break or else they will not give you one. Hard."

Merchandise Assistant / Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great Training, Hard to balance life and work. Nice working with product you like. Management will give you a really hard time when struggling with sales instead of helping"

Seasonal Sales Associate & Cashier (Former Employee) says

"horrible place to work, managers are abusive, unrealistic work expectations, poor attitudes from staff, snotty/caddy, hostile work environment, disappointing company ethics"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Aritzia is a workplace very centred around individual performance, with extremely high expectations. Unhappy clients complaining about rude, transactional customer service far outnumber those who are truly pleased with the store's atmosphere.decent paynot enough hours, zero encouragement for new hires, no cooperation between coworkers, horrible management, no regard for work-life balance"

TBA (Former Employee) says

"Scam. You're asked to provide a work plan detailing how you would perform your job.. then they go do your recommendations themselves. Seem too cheap to hire a consultant to help them figure out what they need to do.Can't think of anyCheap. Can't hire a consultant."

Holiday help (Former Employee) says

"I was hired for holiday help, my first and last day was absolutely best described as torture. I was really looking forward to a job with Aritzia although the management was rude and was not welcoming at all . When a store hires for holiday help they want to make a good impression on the employee as much as the employee needs to make a good impression but this was not the case ! I was also a frequent shopper at Aritzia but now I will never go there again seeing how they treat other people behind closed doors is unexceptable. My best advice is to continue looking for employment elsewhere .NothingEverything"

Style Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I have been purchasing from aritizia for ages before I even applied for this job. I have heard that the associates were sales oriented, and I have also experienced a few unpleasant incidents where these so-called "Style Advisors" won't even offer help or greet you unless they see customers holding/trying on a lot of items. Either way I was still thrilled when I got the opportunity to work for my favourite fashion brand. And I soon realized that my concerns and unpleasant experiences were true and right-which is very disappointing. The most enjoyable aspects of this job are the discounts and music. I can understand the good reviews that are coming from stock associates (backroom storage, mark down teams, inventory related work, etc). However, the environment on the sales floor is very toxic, girls constantly gossip about each other, get angry/jealous when others get sales. Managers in store get annoyed when you ask them questions, and take very little time/patience to explain. New sales associates are isolated and hard to make sales because there are other girls who have been there for ages. These experienced girls will give you cold looks and also get super annoyed when you ask them questions-just like the managers. After a while, you would get somewhat insecure/nervous to even ask them any question because you know you would get a cold feedback that is not helpful in any way. Some of the talent managers in this company are also very insincere. Them call to "check" upon you just because it's their job to do so not because they care. They avoid answering serious/confrontationaldiscounts, good musictoxic and gossipy environment, very insincere/ignorant management team, pushy sales tactics, very little room to grow in the company"

Style Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The girls were catty, gossipy and there was a high turn-over rate. Very stressful and a huge emphasis on how much you are selling per hour. Very pushy sales tactics, micromanaged at all times and it's also very hard to advance there. Poor communication from managers."

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"While the pay is decent and the discount is good, the job isn't fun. The girls are super competitive and catty, and extremely fake with clients in order to sell enough per hour. The management obviously had favourites, and they didn't communicate well. For just being a mall store, the sales pressure is way too high. Even if you're doing a great job, if one of the senior sales associates doesn't like you then you'll be fired. You're also not guaranteed hours and they base the schedule around who sells the most.Discountco-workers, communication, sales pressure"

Shipper/Receiver (Former Employee) says

"I went into this thinking I was getting a part-time position in sales and I ended up getting a job in shipping as a seasonal worker. The hours were horrid and conditions were cramped. I never got my schedule until a few days before. It was incredibly aggravating.Great people to work withStrange hours"

Shipment Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was led to believe I would be working as a part-time sales associate and was instead given a position as a shipment associate. I was lucky to get 8 hours of work a week and the shifts would be at awful times, like 6pm-1am or 5:30am-10am.DiscountTime of work"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you enjoy being bullied, lied to and deprived of your breaks every shift then this is the place for you. The managers are all in cahoots, and you will be completely blindsided by the favoritism you see them give to their friends/other employees on the sales floor. PLZ avoid this place for your sanity!Pay maybeManagement, employees"

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"I took pride in working for a Canadian, Vancouver born company when I first started. But quickly saw that Aritzia is:- unethical- discriminatory (against weight, looks and status)- unprofessional- poorly managed- vindictive- preys on those with low self-esteemand has:- questionable business practices- no compassion for charity or community causes- incredibly high turnoverI have witnessed threatening language in upper management meetings and a show of public embarrassment time and time again. Many professionals have left as they felt morally and ethically conflicted.As an emerging leader in this company, I have stayed to try and change this culture and coach those around me. But after 5 years, I feel this is a losing battle.Before you apply, make sure you question why this position has been posted 2 to 3 times each friendly, ample clothing allowance and provides yoga classnot professional, judged on weight, appearance/looks, society status"

Seasonal Boutique Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the sherway branch as a seasonal boutique associate during the summer and loved it but the holiday season is were it went downhill very fast. Communication between managers and people in my position was terrible even during the summer but it was really bad during the holidays. The managers just assume you have nothing else to do or have no life and are constantly texting you to come in last minute (majority of the people are students there this is not realistic). It got to the point where if you're not coming in as much as they want they make you feel like you did something wrong. When you let them know you can't work then they also make you feel like you did something wrong by not getting someone to cover your shift when you already let the other manager know and its then that you realize that there isn't even proper communication between the managers themselves. Their biggest problem is their TERRIBLE management style and system."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was so excited to work for my favourite brand but after a month I’ve realized it’s such a competitive environment and there is no room for growth at all unless you are a top seller which is hard to do when you are new and girls have been working there for years. Management is horrible and not helpful at all. Taking time off is the worst. The only good thing about working here was the discount and some girls who were actually welcoming and friendly."

Cashier / Operations / Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"It'll be fun at first because as a girl it's probably a dream to work within the company all your clothes are from but soon you'll come to realize district managers are RACIST and store managers only care about the business if their going to make goal for the day. any request made is never fully looked at and out over onto the side. too much demand for responsibility with not enough pay. only thing great about this company is the people you work and suffer with. very cool people.employeeslong hours, racist managers, little pay"

Distribution Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was a seasonal employee at the Aritzia Distribution Centre in New West. This company is highly disorganized with enormous flaws in communication. They promise seasonal bonuses and rewards but fail to provide them when it comes time. On two occasions I worked a set number of hours to receive Aritzia gift cards and despite meeting the requirements, both times they tried to get away with “accidentally mis-counting” them. Had I not emailed them several times and showed up to work on my days off to demand my earned rewards, they would have tried to rip me off. As a matter of fact, I am currently still short a gift card and I’ve been waiting for over a month now for it, despite reaching out to HR several times. There are numerous other flaws in this company, including unrealistic expectations by management, accompanied by limited on-the-job training for new employees. All in all, I would not recommend employment with this company, as it is highly disorganized, unprofessional, and lacks communication.Bonuses and free lunchesLack of communication, highly disorganized, extremely unreliable and unprofessional"

ירדן בן אמוץ says

"If I could, I wouldn't give even 1 star on the rate. I had different cases with Aritzia before but this time they broke a record with the worst costumer support ever.
Orderd 2 separate orders on Nov. 25 and Nov 29, both were shipped but no updates given since December 5.
Please note, when I placed the order it said "up to 14 business days"
14 b.days are long gone.
Aritzia answers: on my first emails to them they kept apologizing and kept on telling me to track my orders closely (oh really?!)
Then I lost my patience so they gave me the following alternative:
They said they can cancel the orders but Not to refund just yet. I will need to wait 2-3 MONTHS for the items to get back to them from their own courier and only after 2-3 MONTHS they will process the refund for me.
Meaning, purchased on Nov 2020 and refunded on April 2021. Without even getting the products.
Their costumer support is a joke. And for a company who charges so much money for their cloths, but not spending money at all on proper courier or proper compensation (i don't want free gifts, just my money back for items I never got) , I will not give any credit."

Y. says

"I purchased during their Black Friday sale and 3 weeks later the same style has gone on sale for $30 cheaper and they would not price adjust. I learned the hard way to be careful before buying from them because their return policy is outdated and unfriendly: they do not have a price adjustment policy and will not provide any help with sale items. On top of that, the clothes themselves are overpriced fast-fashion posing and priced as premium."

Cit Ron says

"Ordered standard shipping to Europe on 22 Nov, estimated delivery 29 Nov. Handed to DHL eCommerce on 23 Nov. Moved to Germany somewhere between 25 Nov and 1 Dec. Apparently shipped to my country on 7 Dec, but no prospect of delivery as of 16 Dec. Neither Aritzia nor DHL provide any solutions. They just take your money for nothing."

Wain says

"Placing order over the phone with online customer service team is a joke. they mix up your identity even if you triple confirm your identity and contact information with them, they are still having trouble to get it right. unbelievable, shopping experience. They sent a order confirmation to wrong email address and may contain with your personal information. This is the most stressful and worst shopping experience. I don't know what to say about how sad I am."

AD says

"I placed two orders - all non-sale items, all plenty in stock when ordering. They emailed me saying both orders are on the way, only then to email me 24 hours later to say they've canceled the items. From the first order, they canceled all items as they were out of stock and from the second order, they canceled 10 out of 11 items. The ONE remaining item is supposedly on it's way to me unless I get another email saying they have canceled that one as well.

This becomes more absurd seeing that they are ALL available on the website again, right now, for anyone to buy them.

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